Tuesday, November 27, 2012

From Scott Eyman's article in the Palm Beach Post, 11-19-12

Denis Brian's book, The Elected and the Chosen, tells how a Jew, named Haym Solomon, "came forward and paid for..." the arms and equipment that George Washington needed, when his men were deserting and he was losing the war... John Adams said that no nation in the world had done more for civilization than the Jews"

Mr. Denis thinks only one president was overtly anti-Semitic...Andrew Johnson, who was outspoken about it, was also an alcoholic, and had never spent a day in school.  But he did pardon a Jewish soldier who was going to be shot for desertion, after the War.

"Teddy Roosevelt was extremely pro-Jewish-he got Jews to join the NY police force at a time when the police were almost all Irish.  People say FDR didn't do enough for the Jews, even though one of his Jewish advisers said: 'don't encourage the Jews to come here; it will increase anti-Semitism.'"

"FDR told Henry Morgenthau, 'my idea is that Jews have Palestine.  We pay the Arabs to go to Iraq or other Arab lands, and we put up a barbed wire fence to protect the Jews.'"

Denis Brian says: "(President) Obama is the pro-Israel president we've had.  Robert Gates, a Republican, has worked for 8 presidents, and he said that, in his opinion, no one had done more than Obama to help Israel."

He continues in Scott Eyman's article:  "The problem is that Obama and Netanyahu don't get on, and they've known each other long before Obama got into national politics.  Gates is a conservative Republican, and he says Obama has been an outstanding supporter, even more so than LBJ or JFK.  And then there is the presence of people like David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel as Obama's close advisers.  American Conservatives are ridiculously wrong."

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Here are excerpts:  Us FL taxpayers are giving a $10 Million gift to Boeing, even as Repubs claim there is no money to care for the disabled and elderly in nursing homes, or to restore the Everglades, or to buy "Kilroys", a simple device that pinpoints where pollutants in our waterways are coming from?
Written by
James Dean
“It’s the first real example of the transition of existing shuttle hardware and facilities that no longer have a purpose, and giving it new meaning and creating an environment where new jobs can be created and exploration can continue further,” said Dale Ketcham, chief of strategic alliances for Space Florida, the state aerospace economic development agency.
The renamed Commercial Crew and Cargo Processing Facility, or C3PF, and other nearby facilities are being readied for The Boeing Co. to manufacture, assemble and test its CST-100 commercial crew capsules, work that could eventually create 550 jobs... The state has committed $10 million to the Boeing partnership, which was announced about a year ago, using Florida Department of Transportation funds for space infrastructure upgrades. That’s about half the project’s total estimated cost, records show...
Boeing is one of three companies competing to carry NASA astronauts to the International Space Station, flights targeted to begin in 2017.
Boeing also plans to lease the nearby Processing Control Center, a three-story office building, bringing its planned footprint to more than 227,000 square feet.
Despite the facility upgrades, there’s a chance the Boeing work won’t materialize. NASA might not select the company to advance in a competition with SpaceX and Sierra Nevada Corp., or the company could decide the business case isn’t compelling enough to proceed with a commercial crew program. If that should happen, Ketcham said, the state believes its investment would not be wasted but would help attract another tenant.
The state hopes the work on the hangar becomes a template for transitioning more facilities, possibly including two more hangars and the shuttle runway, to new users.
“The painful transition (from the shuttle’s retirement) isn’t over, and there’s still a lot of people who are unemployed that we need to find work for,” said Ketcham. “But at the end of the day, it’s encouraging to see facilities being refurbished for new purposes and programs.” ( James Dean, in FLORIDA TODAY)

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Representative Allen West 

Just posted this in the Stuart news:

Actually, Allen West led his men from Ft. Hood to Kuwait to PRESERVE a Muslim Monarchy; and a really corrupt, arrogant one, that apparently spent Millions of $$ hiring American PR firms to publicize "horrors" like the incubator deaths, that were not true. So the first Bush "snookered" Allen West into risking his men's lives to keep those madrasses going? And the Second George Bush "snookered" West into helping destroy the only Secular country in the Mideast, thus strengthening Iran, and letting Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, etc., continue to use their wealth to spread Sharia law, since we're spending our money keeping them safe. Reading Wikipedia, Allen West seems to have gone on active duty 8 days after 241 marines were killed in Lebanon. President Reagan called it a "despicable" act. Is the word the only thing West remembered about Reagan's actions? At the same time Muslims in Lebanon were killing Americans, Reagan was spending Billions to arm and train other Muslims in Pakistan for the Jihad against the Soviet Union. Allen West is still looking for Commies. It sure would be easy to find them, if they were bogged down in Afghanistan, as they were in the 1980's.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Great photos 

mostdangeroushikingtrailonearth     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EObExQSeto

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Monday, November 05, 2012

"...eating & polluting ourselves right off this planet." 


Rereading Ed Killer's Scripps Treasure Coast news article about Grant Gilmore:

After taking a trip to China in 1997, where there were no birds, and (the people) were catching tiny fish to eat, Mr. Gilmore  "worries that humans are in the process of eating and polluting ourselves right off this planet."

In 1971, Grant Gilmore had been fortunate to hear of the new Harbour Branch Oceanographic Institution in Fort Pierce starting up.  "Years of Discovery" summarizes his work there.

"800 species of fish can be found within 10 miles of the St. Lucie Inlet; 400 of those in the Indian River lagoon."

Now, the seagrass north of Vero Beach around Wabasso, Sebastian, and on up to Merritt Island has been dying off for 2 years all the way to its roots.  Grant Gilmore says one acre of seagrass can support 10,000 marine species.  Is it herbicides or some other problem?  No one knows yet for sure, he says.

What he does say, is: "This isn't them or us.  It's just us, is how humans must think. Our mindset has to change, or we won't survive.  We have to understand we're actually part of nature".

Grant Gilmore herein, objects to dredging the Fort Pierce inlet to bring in more, bigger cargo ships.  "All the fish are coming to the Fort Pierce Inlet. That is the virtual lung for the lagoon, and the fish are telling us that. These fish are worth millions of dollars," said Gilmore, who opposes expanded cargo. "If anything happened to that inlet, if there's any water pollution that happened there, that would virtually finish off the lagoon."
"Other (opponents)... don't believe expanding cargo would create that many jobs and point to the $11.4 million in net revenue the Port of Palm Beach — a larger and deeper port — has lost since 2007.
Mr. Gilmore also points out: "There are some great plans for economic benefits with high-end hotels, museums, restaurants, which would be compatible with the existing port," Gilmore said. "You wouldn't need to dredge. At the same time, it puts all these fishermen up that are coming all over to fish in these tournaments. Those plans have been made. Those are the types of plans I thought would be the most beneficial for the most people in the community that would have a great economic benefit for the area."
But Florida Dept. of Transportation Strategic Development Manager Jeff Weidner has about $135 million to spend on intermodal projects at various seaports statewide, and it must be spent on capital projects, not maintenance.
My thought:  Florida Republicans have a supermajority in the legislature, and Gov. Scott is a Republican.  Why can't that money be spent to stop the storm run off from going into the lagoon, and start-in some small way, please, sending it to the Everglades?

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Sunday, November 04, 2012

George Will compares Obama to Willy Loman 

George Will forgets Ben Franklin?  He epitomizes the Life of a Salesman!  http://www.ushistory.org/franklin/info/index.htm) How many times did he put on his coonskin cap, to persuade the French to invest in the American Revolution?  A second fleet of French ships arrived in the nick of time, to rescue George Washington from Cornwallis, at Yorktown.  

George Will wouldn’t be here hawking American “exceptionalism”, except for the work of great salesmen.  Look at Thomas Jefferson’s line in the Declaration of Independence: Nature and God entitle us to to be free.  Is that so different from “you deserve a break today”?  George Washington cutting a smashing figure on his white horse at the head of a parade, attracted how many enlistees and contributions?

Ronald Reagan too, came riding up impressively, in all those commercials that made him a household name.  People bought his optimism, when he smiled and said it was “Morning in America”.  Now how many crabby complainers like George Will, sell Gloom and Doom to Americans, as Fox News rakes in the ratings, and Money Talks.  

Barack Obama is selling “...a more perfect Union…” as Ben, George, and Tom did.
Under the Articles of Confederation, the states had refused to pony up the money to pay for food and shelter at Valley Forge, to protect shipping from pirates, etc.  Remind anyone of the TeaPartyRepublicans last year, for 3 months, threatening default on America’s debt,  putting our troops overseas at risk? 

The Chinese undercut Solyndra, and we lost half a billion $$.  We spent 4 times that much on a remote-control toy, because Hope springs eternal, for Life on Mars.  New “taxis” for our astronauts to go back & forth to the space station, will cost more than Solyndra.  As how many people “freeze in the dark” because of crumbling infrastructure here on earth? 

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