Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Commenting on Michael Moore and Health Care on the Stuart News site:

To LDouglas: Moore's "Sicko" is worth your time. He takes some of our 9-11 responders, who couldn't prove they really worked at the site, to Cuba, for health care. Also, an old British guy explains: we noticed during WWII we had full employment. So we figured out that spending the money on health care, education,& infrastructure, like we did on War, would also mean full employment. I sure hope America figures that out.

http://sickforprofit.com/ceos/ shows the CEO of the health ins. co. that gets paid by taxpayers to "manage" my Medicare, for 14% more than if I had chosen original medicare. One of his bureaucrats called last night, wanting me to explain why I didn't go to a network hospital for my surgery 6 months ago. I did; my network dr said "it would have been a bloodbath" if he had continued the emergency bronchoscopy at the network hospital. He ordered an ambulance to take me to the Univ. of FL hospital-Shands. No, I've never smoked anything, had never been in a hospital except for 1 day at childbirth, and have never been fat. I had gone to my network dr. , coughing up blood, on Feb.16. It took until March 19 to get a bronchoscopy scheduled. I didn't make it that long. The Friday before, thicker, oxygenated blood starts coming up. There's more of it, and more often. If I had been able to proceed with the non-network lung specialist I found Feb. 18th, who had scheduled a broncho the following week, would all this have cost taxpayers less?

We'll never know, because the health ins. comp. told me I would have to pay 20% not just of the non-network dr.'s bill, but also of every test, the broncho, hosp, etc. That scared us. So we went thru the network, waiting at every step. I'm lucky to be alive. It was a shock to see how little the surgeon received, and how his and the hospital fees were "adjusted" by the health ins. company. How a "Christian" nation, and esp. the party that claims to value "life" the most, fights to keep this tight-fisted, suspicious, convoluted form of delivering health care services, I do not understand

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Response to letter to the Editor in the stuart news today:

Republicans had big majorities in the House and Senate from 1995 to 2007, and a Repub prez for 6 of those years. Dems did not take control of the House till 2007. They still do not have 60 votes in the Senate. Bush/Cheney had 7 months and 23 days to prevent the 9-11 attacks, which destroyed a third of our economy, I remember David Gergen saying. Richard Clark had been appointed by Ronald Reagan, and tried repeatedly to warn Bush/Cheney. Bush/Cheney stopped Clinton's program of following Osama and other terrorists with the spy drones. They cut Clinton's anti-terrorist funding dramatically. The order went out to all commanders of our military air bases, that they had to get approval from Rummy to respond to a wayward plane, like one did to Payne Stewart's. They did not investigate 9-11 at all, and ordered FEMA to haul away the evidence and make it disappear. Then they invaded Iraq, whose Trillion $$ cost they kept "off-budget". 4,343 Americans have died, over 13,000 have been grievously wounded, and taxpayers will be paying for their lifetime care. They're the ones who lost their freedoms, as did the 3000 Americans who were murdered on 9-11, when Repubs had completely taken over our government.


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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Response to LTE in the stuart news:

The Republicans had absolute power during the first 6 years of Bush's 8 years, and invaded Iraq, which had nothing to do with 9-11. They didn't even worry about paying for it, as John McCain said it would be over quickly. They kept it "off budget" . Now, at least $1 Trillion has been spent, and the Dems put it "on budget", so you see the credit card bill. 4,343 Americans are dead, over 13,000 so badly wounded they will need lifetime care, and you're mad about "Big Brother"? 100,000 Iraqis, at least are dead, all the Christians, who used to live peacefully among Sunnis and Shia, are also either dead, wounded, or fled, and you're bragging about America? That Repub majority led by Bush, caused the biggest drop in our GNP in our history. If we're one nation, under God, why aren't Repubs helping? Increasing taxes just a little bit, on people who make more than $250,000 a year, would allow us to be like the rest of the truly Christian countries, who invest in their citizens, giving then free healthcare, which frees their businesses to do business.


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Friday, September 11, 2009

Posted by reality on September 11, 2009 at 3:24 p.m. on the TCPalm Opinion website.

You are taking a lot for granted. Firefighter Ronnie Bucca, on p. 116 of "Triple Cross", by Peter Lance, did not accept the FBI excluding the FDNY from the investigation of the first WTC bombing. He found out that the FBI had had an informant who was spying on the Blind Sheik Omar, but had harassed & endangered him, & he quit, though he kept trying to warn them. Later, in 1999, Firefighter Bucca found out about another Egyptian, who had gotten the blueprints of the WTC, before the first bombing. This man had been seen in news footage walking with the Blind Sheikh, translating for him. He had been an FDNY accountant for 25 years! When Bucca took this info to the Joint Terrorism Task Force, he was blown off. Ramzi Yousef had said he would be back to bring the WTC down. The State dept. caught him, not the FBI. "Everyone was trying their best", you say? The families of the 9-11 victims' questions are listed, in "Inside Job" by Jim Marrs. They still haven't been answered, and the site itself remains a hole in the ground? We don't just have rights & privileges, we have responsibilities. Lance actually investigates the murders of 3000 Americans, and names names, shows copies of documents. I hope you will at least read it.


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LTE to both the PalmBeach Post and the Stuart news:

Rep. Joe Wilson also yelled “Lie!” about us giving chemical & biological weapons to Saddam. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9_x_o0LzjA) But it’s true. Bush 41 overruled his own Commerce Dept., as I remember, to “sell” Saddam all sorts of high tech stuff. Which Saddam bought with money from loans and grants from our Agricultural Dept., if I recall correctly. Maybe some other oldsters remember the connection with the BCCI Bank Scandal. I think William Safire wrote many columns about it. Ted Koppel said the joke going around in 2003, was: “of course we know Saddam has weapons of mass destruction, we gave them to him.” Now Rep. Wilson wants healthcare providers to stop "illegal aliens". Wasn't it the CIA that gave a visa to the Blind Sheik Omar? Our FBI seems to have paid Ali Mohamed, Osama's bodyguard, for many years. Widow Mindy Kleinberg tells about the legal visas all the hijackers had, in "Inside Job" by Jim Marrs.


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Friday, September 04, 2009

Response to Hal Valeche in the Stuart News, Sept. 4, 2009

The big deficits started with Obama? "SEPTEMBER 16, 2008
U.S. to Take Over AIG in $85 Billion Bailout; Central Banks Inject Cash as Credit Dries Up" (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122156561931242905.html) Bush/Cheney just handed out taxpayer money w/o going to Congress. Next their Treasury sec. Paulson, asked Congress to" transfer $700 billion taxpayer dollars to purchase the distressed assets of several failed financial institutions..." (Jason Linkins of the Huffington Post) But Paulson snuck in a few sentences that said our courts and/or Congress wouldn't be allowed to challenge any of that handout. January 2007, when Dems took over the House, the Trillion $$ bill for Bush/Cheney's invasion of Iraq, had been kept "off budget" by the long-time Repub Majority, like keeping 2 sets of books. Where were all these "fiscal conservatives" worried about the Constitution then? Obama's Stimulus has given how much money to FL? Sure wish the Stuart news would list all the handouts this Repub-run state govt. has benefitted from, instead of listing celeb birthdays, or Madonna's travel schedule. And Jeb and the Repubs setting up a new appointed bureaucracy take $2 Billion from all Floridians and give it to "high tech" enterprises, was not "Communism/Socialism? From all who paid their tax bills, to the few Scripps, Max Planck, etc.? "Economic Stimulus &/or Development" boards also take public money and redistribute that wealth. How many have Repubs set up, and how many Repubs collect a real nice salary and benefits from such bureaucracies?


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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Republican Majority did not pay for their 2003 Healthcare"Reform". They just put it on our credit card, at 3 am, after Speaker Hastert had got rid of their guy with the numbers telling the truth about its tremendous costs. Which is why big Pharma & the insurance cos. started making even more profits, as the govt (us) paid them 12% more than Medicare allowed itself to have. "In 2010 payroll taxes on working people (many themselves uninsured) and general revenue (income taxes) will fund about 80% of Medicare. Beneficiary premiums will cover just 12%. (The rest comes from the states and Medicare trust fund interest.) writes Froma Harrop in the Providence Journal.

Bush/Cheney have already put $1Trillion on our credit card in just 6 years of their War on Iraq. And they did not tell you about it, as they put it "off budget"-like your kid sneaking money out of your wallet. This nation that claims to be "Christian" just can't bear to increase taxes on those making over $250,000 a year, to pay for health care for every American? England, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, etc., do it for their citizens, and their govt run programs spend less and their people live longer. America used to brag that it was practical, and did what works. Did you read Germany's unemployment is going down, Iceland has recovered? Their businesses are free to do business because their govt of the people does healthcare by the people, for the people.


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