Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rabbi Johnathan Kendall, 12-19-07 in The Stuart News, wrote:

"her (Israel's) secure survival is one of the most important aspects of Judaism". Why? Did the God you believe in, create this whole big, blue planet, and even more wondrous universe? Or is only that tiny speck of Israel "Holy Land" to Him? Is He not within and without us? If He made us in imitation of Him, with a soul, why do so many who claim "Faith" in Him, act like animals marking and protecting their territories? He gave us the best brains to find more better ways to destroy intruders? Is "Go forth and multipy" only in the "Christian" bible? Stay put and keep separate, does not seem to be how God manages this diverse and ever-changing world.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Listening toTim Russert interviewing Ron Paul:

The U.S has 572,000 troops overseas. Ron Paul says it makes no sense. They don’t defend us; they get us into trouble, and they cost maybe a TRILLION $$ a year.

We left Vietnam under the worst of circumstances, and they’re becoming Westernized, said Paul. Us “protecting” South Korea, Israel, etc., just makes them second class citizens, and keeps them dependent on us. And, they are still big problems to us.

We can’t afford to be policeman of the world, Paul said. Empires end when countries go bankrupt, when the currency crashes, and that’s happening to us now. He would stop military aid to Israel, and to the Arab countries, who receive 3 times as much.

With al-Qaeda Ron Paul gave the example of a snake pit. You step into one knowingly, and the snakes bite you. How do you say who is to blame?

Is there an ideological struggle for Islamic fascists to take over the world? They have their fanatics just as we do. We have 700 bases in 130 countries.

After 9-11, Ron Paul said “Now we’re going to get big government”. He quoted Randolph Bourne, “war is a helpless state”. People are willing to sacrifice their liberties to be safe and secure. He’s against the CIA fighting secret wars, and against the FBI spying on people like MLK. He quotes Sinclair Lewis,
when fascism comes to this country, it will be wrapped in the flag, carrying a cross. Fascism today is corporatism when the military industrial complex runs the sow. Loss of civil liberties, big government in bed with big business, And the medical industry complex, the financial industry complex and the communications industry.

I just would add the drug war-criminal justice complex. Ron Paul thinks all drugs should be regulated like alcohol and cigarettes.


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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

When do we put Christ into our Foreign Policy?

Ronald Reagan told in his diary (about) “a highly secret convoluted process that sees Israel freeing some 20 Hizballahs who aren’t really guilty of any blood letting. At the same time they sell Iran some ‘Tow’ anti-tank weapons . We in turn sell Israel replacements & the Hizballah free our 5 hostages. Iran also pledges there will be no more kidnappings. We sit quietly & never reveal how we got them back”.

An Iranian dissident, Manucher Ghorbanifar seems to have done that deal. The CIA had declared him a huckster & profiteer. All he got right on lie detector tests, were his name and nationality. But the Israelis and Ollie North seem to have run interference for him. (“Charlie Wilson’s War”, by George Crile)

In Dec. 2001, it’s Michael Ledeen of the American Enterprise Institute, who gets Ghorbanifar into a 3-day hush-hush meeting with Pentagon officials in Italy. (”The Italian letter” , by Peter Eisner and Knut Royce). “Either at this meeting, a similar one in June 2002, or both, Ledeen and Ghorbanifar discuss ways to destabilize the Iranian government, possibly using the Mujahedeen-e Khalq, a US-designated terrorist group, as a US proxy.” (cooperativeresearch.org, from The Boston Globe)

At the same time, Iran was assisting in our war against the Taliban. (John H.Richardson in the 11-7-08 Esquire magazine). Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann, both with great “right-wing” credentials are his sources. Both quit their high-level jobs with the Bush administration, as Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Hadley, overruled all efforts to work with the Iranians.

Also at the same time, was the alleged Iraq-Niger deal. The Italian reporter who gets the actual letters, checks the facts on google, & finds many discrepancies. She even goes to Niger, where yellowcake is strictly controlled by a French company, and is appalled when Bush believes such obvious fakery.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

This is from the book, "Charlie Wilson's War, by George Crile:

p.288: "The CIA's paramilitary unit, officially known as the Special Operations Group...had once been a major component of the CIA, ...with land, air, and sea branches. ...at the Bay of Pigs, it was 2 cowboy PM officers who had led the Cubans ashore and fired the first shots. PM officers had been at the heart of the successful overthrow of the Arbenz government in Guatemala in 1954. Close to a hundred of them had run a massive air-support operation in Laos in the late 1960's. They had always been a critical component of every major covert operation involving force because the general case officers rarely had such expertise." *

"*The paramilitary branch had been radically reduced during the Carter years. Under Bill Casey it had once again expanded to staff the Agency's burgeoning paramilitary campaigns in Nicaragua, Angola, Cambodia, Libya, Chad, and Afghanistan".

Should a "nation under God" have a secret service (SS) like this? Faith means not being afraid, because you trust in your Creator. Also, cost-effective-wise, how are we doing so far? The Afghan "Holy Warriors" seem to have morphed into al-Qaeda, and did their first attack on us, in 1990 with Rabbi Kahane's murder. ("Triple Cross", by Peter Lance)

And, all those Third World economies we disabled by enabling dictators,
have flooded us with refugees.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

"The Italian Letter", by Peter Eisner and Knute Royce. "How the Bush administration used a fake letter to build the case for war in Iraq". All the facts about Niger. Adam Synder of Ft. Pierce was burned horribly and died, in Iraq, 12-5-07. The Stuart News
published his last e-mail today.

"No Simple Victory", by Norman Davies. How the Soviets really defeated the Nazis, and won half of Europe. WWII history
most Americans don't know. Answering questions from the audience after his talk on C-Span, Mr. Davies said Europeans
were wondering which was the most dangerous enemy, Franco and fascism, or the Communists who had taken over the
Spanish Republic. He speculated that if the Communists had won in Spain, perhaps they would have been deemed the
greater threat. But historians deal in facts, and he sure had them. The Soviets had 400 divisions, the Nazis 235, and
the Allies 100, in Europe, for instance.

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