Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rebuttal to Hardblogger about the Taliban being back:

George Crile's book, "Charlie Wilson's War", tells how we spent $2 billion to arm and train 300,000 Mujahideen. Charlie was a Dem, and Jimmy Carter started it, but Reagan thought a "Holy War"
was a "great idea", I read in the New Yorker magazine, I think. Bill Casey thought getting the
young Soviet soldiers hooked on heroin would be a great tactic, and bring in more cash, too,
I remember reading. We are responsible for making those primitive farmers into an industrial
strength drug supplier, aren't we?

Look up Milt Bearden, a CIA agent, now retired, in the index, and find the page where he exults at the first Holy Warrior
shooting down an armoured Soviet helicopter, with a Stinger missile we gave him. Milt is
estatic at the confidence this gives the Mujahideen. Later, when the Soviets withdraw, there
is a celebration at Langley. Was there one when Pinochet took over on Tuesday, September 11,
1973 too?

When do we figure out that acting like the Sopranos, instead of a government under God,
is not working?

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's estimated Hezbollah gets $300 million a year from Iran? The Mujahideen in Afghanistan, got $2 Billion from us during their 8-year "Holy War" against the Soviet Union. ("Charlie Wilson's War" by George Crile).
David Brooks says "the clerics in Iran ...are turning the Palestinian cause into a weapon in a much larger struggle". That's what we did in Afghanistan against "godless Communism", isn't it.

And in Guatamala, in 1954, a year after Iran. Another editorial in the Palm Beach Post the same day, tells the plight of Guatamalan illegal immigrants. Are they here, because we were there, as we were in so many other countries, using what we now label "Terror" when others use it? That's been our strategy for over 50 years. Are we better off?

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Maureen Dowd, of the NewYorkTimes, was published in our PalmBeachPost, 7-13-06: "He let the Dogs out!"

"William Haynes was grilled (by the Senate judiciary committee) about his worthiness to ascend to the federal bench,
when his main claim to the promotion is complicity in letting Dick Cheney dance a jig on the Geneva Conventions."

Further down in Miss Dowd's column, Senator Dick Durbin is quoted: "In November of 2002, you (William Haynes)
recommended that Secretary Rumsfeld approve the use of dogs to intimidate detainees at Guantanamo. The Department
of Defense's own investigation concluded that this technique migrated from Guantanamo to Iraq and Abu Ghraib. At least
two members of the armed forces have now been convicted under the Uniform Code of Military Justice for using dogs to
frighten detainees. It is striking that as these soldiers were prosecuted, you were being promoted. ..Apparently, upstairs
there's a promotion party. Downstairs, people are being sent to prison."

Maureen Dowd further informs that Senator Lindsey Graham "echoed Sen. Durbin's fear that soldiers should not take
the fall for superiors' decisions: 'We just need to make sure that what we do in terms of promotion, of a civilian, who
was part of policies that have led to military members being prosecuted and having their careers ruined, needs to be
thoughtfully considered.'"

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Re: Inge Lynch’s “Twist to the Left...” 7-8-06, Palm Beach Post, FL

“The only Christians we can compare with Muslim extremists are the Crusaders...”, Inge Lynch asserts.

The “Cold” War against “godless” Commies doesn’t count? 1953 was the CIA’s first job getting rid of a Muslim cleric who had the audacity to believe Iran’s oil was for Iran.

Our CIA stayed in Iran for 24 years, making sure our surrogate king stayed in power. 1953 we were also in Indo-China, scared to death of Communism having a domino effect. Our dropping more bombs on Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia, than on Japan and Germany in
WW II, can’t possibly be compared to what Muslim extremist have done?

Our CIA armed and trained the Muslim extremists who morphed into Al-Qaeda, with $2 Billion of our money, and $2 Billion from the Saudis. Read “Charlie Wilson’s War”, by George Crile. Yes, Jimmy Carter started it, but it went big-time during Reagan’s war against Nicaragua. Remember they were going to invade TX?

Remember September 11, 1973, a Tuesday also, but never ponder “you reap what you sow”? Remember 1993 also, and ask “did the CIA bring that blind Sheik Omar into the U.S to rally Muslims here for the “Holy War” against the Soviets”?

I would like to read some facts in the newspaper, instead of all this right-left diversionary tactics. Did the seismograph at Columbia University register 2.1 before each tower went down on 9-11; when in 1993, it had not registered at all?
If F-16’s had scrambled 69 times to escort errant planes in the busy NY-Washington area before 9-11, why were all those automatic alarms and procedures “out to lunch” on 9-11? Jim Marrs’ book “Inside Job”, p.62. How did a commercial airliner make a hole in the Pentagon without touching the grass or adjacent windows? See:
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8260059923762628848 (Loose Change, 2nd edition, DVD)

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Letter to the Associated Press; Re: "Taliban taking page from insurgents", printed in the Palm Beach Post, 7-1-06

Isn't it the other way around? Starting with Carter, expanded to $2 Billion in Reagan's 8 years,
with $2 Billion more from the Saudis, it was the precursors of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan that were
armed and trained by our CIA. The book, "Charlie Wilson's War", by George Crile, tells the whole

"Terrorists constantly learn from one another". Is that reporting or opinion?
Who taught the Mujahideen how to use the shoulder-held missiles
in 1978? Wasn't it our CIA? Were there any shoulder-held missiles in Iraq before we invaded?

Some time back, the AP sent out the photo supplied by the Pentagon from their parking lot video.
The text below was straight "official story". Where was the "fair and balanced" other side of the story-
the photo from

Where was any kind of
expert opinion as to how a commercial airliner made that hole without touching the double
wings on either side, or marking the grass?

Does the "A" stand for "Approved" by the government now?

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