Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Elizabeth Edwards said: right now, unneeded stem cells are discarded, and there’s no law against it. Often the couple who “owns” them simply don’t want to, or can’t pay the freezer rent anymore. Or they become divorced, too old to be parents, etc.

Is this a fact? John Kerry said that 700,000 unused stem cells are sitting in freezers. Do they have expiration dates that dictate their disposal after a certain time? Or is it like the Steve Martin movie, where brains were kept alive indefinitely, waiting for a donor body?

What do “conservatives and the Roman Catholic Church” say should be done with these excess embryos? Must all be planted in some uterus eventually to grow into people? Are they against fertility treatments? Or do they approve of those, because they create life? That’s playing God too, isn’t it?

What are the current laws? So many fertility treatments are being done, that there must be excess embryos created. Who decides what is done with them, and again, what is done with them?

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

After reading Chicago Tribune, 11-10-04

Show us the map! Western access to O’Hare? Where exactly will it go? Is it depending on Makeover money (ours?) to clear the path? This is way more important than a salamander skull or yet another BP study.

Lame duck state legislators did the Soldier Field job, while the Trib kept on about chads. Here we go again? The Trib keeps this election fight going, with “Iraq War little problem for Al Qaeda…”. A little late to help Kerry, isn’t it? While the word “experts” means Bushies won’t believe it anyway.

O’Hare will be a big bull’s eye for Al Qaeda, and tollways to it, trap lots of sitting ducks. The twin towers were “economic engines” too, and we’re in the “Heartland”. If the Trib is really concerned about terror, it should be informing us about our transportation system.

Patrick Engineering recently bought a road construction company, I think I read in “The Business Ledger”. When Schillerstrom was first elected, Repubs voted Patrick a lucrative contract to do what Barbara Adamke of the Village of Lisle had already done. Patrick is a big contributor. So Repubs are ready to roll with the COMBINE?

I’ve heard some parts of Bensenville and Elk Grove Village should be torn down. But I’ve also read about the big tax revenues that will be lost from existing businesses; the “bird in the hand”, if you will. What are the facts?

The last time Repubs were in power, DuPage Airport got the control tower and better runways. One pilot/engineer said Aurora’s was the safer location, with room to expand, and tollway access.

Is the Trib going to continue to let politics make such important decisions? “Let the people know the facts, and they will decide”, is that the quote? Facts about CMA?
You did hear Carole Simpson on C-span, didn’t you?

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Friday, November 05, 2004

Ronald Reagan became a “Hollywood Elite” when he married Big Star Jane Wyman, didn’t he? But only John Kerry who gets the sly comments about a rich wife? What happened to the first one? Nancy was Reagan’s second wife, too.

And Massachusetts Liberals! Who else would have dumped English tea in the harbour? And jump-started our Revolution against King George?

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Europe should acknowledge its “Christian roots” says the Pope. But Christ was a Jew, “Saint” Peter too. The Bible was written by Jews. Europe didn’t become Christian till a Roman Emperor forced it on them. But Christians want top billing, like movie stars? Or like all the little signs that have to be put up along our roads, so people can boast that they’re cleaning up? Jesus did say go into a closet to pray, didn’t He?

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Reading the November 2, 2004 Chicago Tribune

Eric Zorn was excellent today. “Guard void upsets state office staffs” turned out to be an important article, as did “Charity care at heart of dispute”. Both State of IL issues, but also worthy of “deep thoughts” about our nation. Will there be editorial? As to why a nation based on faith feels so frightened? And so determined not to hand out health care “for free”, when Jesus seems to have equated Himself with “the Least of My Brethren”.

Both articles were not exactly buried in Section 2, but they sure weren’t as attention-getting as the bold headline and Section 1 placement of “Audit finds 9/11 program abused”. Was there some outrage and disgust there on the part of the writer and whoever decided the placement?

$30 million wasted? Is that right? How many years have I asked the Tribune about the $34 million IL First grant that Bob Schillerstrom seems to have received? Again, if the Trib’s investigation ran during the month we were gone, I apologize.

A recent Trib article asked why Blagojevich had stopped a $2 million IL First grant for a pre-school center. I didn’t see an editorial about that, or a follow-up article about which grants did survive the Trib’s earlier expose. Starbucks in Stratford, p2; “Vital local reporting”?

The latest “The Business Ledger” says the State of IL’s Dept. of Commerce and Economic development is dividing into 2. One will be based way out at Schillerstrom’s High Tech Park at the DP airport, and it gets the federal money, if I understand correctly.

Does that mean Hastert will be doling out even more millions than he already has, to that new government bureaucracy created by “Christians”, for “Christians”? What is the total so far? More than went to buy air conditioners in N.Y, I bet. How much more to come in the proposed Transportation bill? Wouldn’t it be “vital local reporting” to inform us?

Or is the Trib the Phil Crane of newspapers? Same old campaign stuff, over and over. Exploit fear of terrorism for your candidate, but do nothing about ending the Tollway system, which, Sonny Corleone aside, will impede traffic if we ever do have to evacuate?

Push for a bigger O’Hare; when again, wouldn’t many airports in many locations be better than one huge target? Amtrak should also be seen as a back-up system, to evacuate people quickly, if the air traffic system goes down. Cost too much? How about some apple to apple comparisons?

And for heaven’s sake, why does the newspaper have to be just like TV? “Day of Decision”? Duh! The Trib is the one citizen with the power to make everyone’s vote count. Instead Tempo’s Question #9 is a big tease! What 2 states? We want what they want!

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Monday, November 01, 2004


Remember “The Godfather” movie, where Michael sits in church, while others do the killing? A Republican Congress and President seem to have passed a “Godfather” law. “The U.S. Special Operations Command will have…as much as $25 million a year to spend providing “support to foreign forces, irregular forces, groups or individuals” aiding U.S. efforts against terrorists and other targets” (Chicago Tribune, Halloween Day).

We’ve been there, done that, during the Reagan years especially. Even if it hastened the fall of the Soviet Union, was it worth September 11th? We sat in Church and paid Muslim Fundamentalists to fight our “war on Communism” in Afghanistan.

Osama, Al Qeda, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, all “capos” in our surrogate army? They want to take over now. The 9-11 Commission studied how to best protect ourselves. The Intelligence Reform bill, as passed by the Senate, is the first step they said.

So how come House Speaker Dennis Hastert and George Bush, gave it lip support, and then made the Godfather law? It sure looks like that scene in the movie, where they come quietly to acknowledge who really rules. It’s not the people, it’s the Pentagon. And the door is closed on the 9-11 Commission.

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