Thursday, October 29, 2009

Letter to Senator Bill Nelson of FL:

What have you learned from space travel, if not that we are all, Russians included, on this "small spaceship earth" together? The Russians saved our astronauts after the Challenger Disaster. Isn't it called "the International Space Station"? Every country that wants in, should help share the costs. But bombing the Moon? A nation that claims to believe in God, "the Intelligent Designer" the Creator? That sure seems like blasphemy to me. All those who claim to believe the Bible is the word of God, don't wonder why the Tower of Babel story is in there? The only reason for a base on the moon is to show off, or to bomb people from on high. We dropped more bombs on Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam than we dropped on Japan and Germany combined. Are we better off? That big dam China is building affects the orbit of the earth, I hear. If that is true, what are we doing risking damage to the Moon? "Conservatives"/Repubs, objected to spending $5 Billion to save GM jobs. Is it the same people who now want to save NASA/FL jobs? You can have it both ways, but you may bankrupt our country and destroy the earth, too.

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Sure hope you're helping Nancy Pelosi get us what Canada, Great Britain, and Europe, have for their citizens. If not, please remove us from your robo-call and mailing list, because there is no way we ever vote for you. You're eager to send more Americans into harm's way halfway around the world, and admire Cantor, who helped get over 5000 of them killed and even more wounded? "Fighting for our freedom"? I can't try marijuana without getting arrested? Are you for continuing to spend $77 BILLION a year on just the Marijuana War- as Middle school students are dumb enough to have "Pharm parties"? Posey wants more BILLIONS to go to the moon to save those jobs, and has never heard of the Tower of BABEL story? $445 million for a 2-minute flight today-but taking care of the least of our brethren? Did you read Dear Abby by Jeanne Phillips today?

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MN Rep. Michelle Bachmann is outraged at "Gangster government" that
took over GM, for $5 Billion. Yet President Bush, without Congress,
rescued AIG with $180 Billion in taxpayer $$. Republican Bachmann
calls it "cronyism" that 2 GM dealerships were saved because their
Democratic Senator and/or Democratic representatives intervened, while
one in her district was shut down. If Republicans were the Majority
party, would it have been the opposite? And if Obama and the Dems had
not rescued GM, would all GM dealerships have been closed?

GM and most "private enterprises" in America, have huge expenses from
buying healthcare insurance for their employees. Private enterprises
in Canada, Great Britain, and Europe, don't have that "Denver boot"
holding them back. Why aren't Republicans helping Dems take that
burden off of our private enterprises?

"Pro-lifers" argue, "what if the aborted fetus would have turned into
a great scientist, engineer, etc.? But Repubs don't apply that to
healthcare? If all Americans had good healthcare provided all their
lives, who knows how many more citizens would be truly contributing.
"... to promote the general welfare" is in the Preamble to our
Constitution. So please explain all the accusations by
Repubs/Conservatives, that it is Dems not obeying the Constitution?

George Will has long been against the legalization and regulation of
marijuana, yet he too claims to be against "Gangster govt" and
"cronyism". So why is a plant the "Intelligent Designer" put all
over this earth, prohibited from our "Free Market"? To eliminate
competition for "Big Pharma and the cigarette companies? Dylan
Ratigan calls it "Corporate
The Stuart news recently reported
a jail sentence of 25 years for a man who had outfitted a house to
grow marijuana. That's not "ganster govt."?


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Sent to "Bite-sized" views at TCN Palm:

Big story: NASA spent $445 million on a 2 minute flight; Little story: NASA spent $11 million
secretly asking questions of 29 pilots for 30 minutes, and taxpayers still
are not allowed to know what maybe a whole bunch of "Sullys" might have said?


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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2009/oct/12/port-st-lucie-project-got-20-million-state-safegua/ is not corruption, or perhaps conspiracy? Gov. Crist, and 2 State of FL reps, Republicans all, got the rules changed so a guy from Jupiter could get $20 million of FL taxpayers' money without the Budget Committees approval or the required investigation? $7 million is already in his pocket, so Charlie gets a $5000 donation, while Ambler and Rivera get $2000 and $1000? What is the point of 18 citizens wasting their time recommending anti-corruption legislation, if Crist & the FL Repubs can sneak in and negate such laws real quick, anytime? Was this before or after Repubs started attacking the Dems Stimulus plan? I've read lots of Repubs complaints as to how the Dems plan won't work, and/or it isn't right to use taxpayer money. This walks & talks like a "Stimulus". 9 "private" enterprises, too sneaky to even give the name of their companies, using code names like "project Bumblebee", will be getting $42 million of FL taxpayers's money? Previously Jeb and the Repubs "High tech" handouts, also walking & talking like a "Stimulus"-used up how much, $2 Billion of taxpayer monies?
Michael Bender's article mentions "Enterprise FL" and other state "stimulus" agencies. Just how much do all these FL "stimulus" bureaucrats get, even as our libraries cut hours and staff? Repubs also charge that Dems aren't obeying the Constitution. Our Founding Fathers in the Preamble, said they were rebelling "...to promote the general welfare...."
which would seem to be libraries, not animated video-game producers.


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Saturday, October 17, 2009

S.Amdt. 2588 to H.R. 3326 (Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2010)
Statement of Purpose:
To prohibit the use of funds for any Federal contract with Halliburton Company, KBR, Inc., any of their subsidiaries or affiliates, or any other contracting party if such contractor or a subcontractor at any tier under such contract requires that employees or independent contractors sign mandatory arbitration clauses regarding certain claims.

Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central thought it would be a “no-brainer” to vote for this amendment. Senator Al Franken proposed it, after a 19-year old employee of KBR in Iraq, was raped by some of her fellow employees, then locked in a crate to keep her from reporting it.
No law enforcement agency could investigate, because our Defense Dept.’s contract with KBR, allows them to settle all disputes among employees with mandatory arbitration.

Senator Jeff Sessions argued that the govt. should not be interfering in private contract matters. But these are taxpayer $$, paying KBR to act in our name. It was wrong for ACORN to get public funds to help pimps and prostitutes. Isn’t it wrong for public money to go to a company that does not permit a crime victim to seek justice?

I was glad to see that our new Republican Senator Lemieux voted for Senator Franken’s amendment; Republican Senators Richard Lugar, Oylmpia Snowe, and Bennett of Utah, also. But the list of Republican Senators voting NO is troubling. Will the House now have to vote on this very important decision of how we the people supervise those we hire?


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Thursday, October 08, 2009

COLUMN: My kid over your needle
By Rhonda Swan
Palm Beach Post Editorial Writer
Thursday, October 01, 2009
Take three shots and sue us in the morning.
That’s essentially what Uncle Sam is telling a Florida Panhandle teen who doesn’t want to take Gardasil. The vaccine supposedly prevents the two strains of the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV) that cause 70′percent of cervical cancers. Simone Davis, 17, of Port St. Joe said she doesn’t need Gardasil because she has no plans to become sexually active. The U.S. government has said, Get the shots or go back to England.Female immigrants between 11 and 26 must get Gardasil vaccinations to become citizens. Simone, who is seeking citizenship, moved to Florida from England when she was 3, adopted by her grandmother, who had married an American. Their request for a waiver on moral and religious grounds was denied.
“I kind of feel like they may be experimenting with immigrants to see how we will react, and then give the vaccine to citizens,” Simone said. “If it is such a great vaccine, why isn’t it mandatory for everyone?”
A better question: Why is it mandatory for anyone?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says Gardasil is safe for females between 11 and 26. There’s no proof, however, that the vaccine protects against HPV longer than five years. So we’re keeping 11-year-olds safe from a sexually transmitted virus until they’re 16. How about we just try and keep them virgins instead?
Even a lead researcher for Gardasil’s manufacturer, pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co., now has doubts. “The benefit to public health is nothing,” said Dr. Diane Harper, who helped design and carry out studies to get Gardasil approved. “There is no reduction in cervical cancers; they are just postponed, unless the protection lasts for at least 15 years, and over 70 percent of all sexually active females of all ages are vaccinated.”Then there are the side effects. As of Sept. 1, the CDC had received 15,037 reports of “adverse events” from the more than 26 million doses of Gardasil distributed. Forty-four of those “events” were deaths. Other serious reactions include paralysis, blood clots and cases of a rare disorder that causes muscle weakness.
There’s no proof that Gardasil caused these “adverse events.” There’s also no proof that the drug did not.
Officials in the United Kingdom are resuming mandatory shots of Cervarix, a similar vaccine manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, after an autopsy showed that a 14-year-old girl who died hours after being vaccinated had a malignant tumor in her chest. GlaxoSmithKline is trying to get Food and Drug Administration approval for Cervarix here.
The agency put off its decision after news about the British teen’s death. The FDA should have put off approving Gardasil. There have been no long-term studies about the drug’s effects. Instead, the FDA fast-tracked approval, and the government added it to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. So claims by victims of side-effects are paid out of taxpayers’ pockets, and Merck is off the hook.
My pediatrician looked at me sideways when I refused two years ago to let her give Gardasil to my daughter. Merck’s multimillion-dollar, award-winning marketing campaign didn’t impress me the way it did our government or the Florida legislators who tried and failed in 2007 to make Gardasil vaccinations a requirement for 11- and 12-year-old girls attending public and private school. Then again, maybe our legislators were impressed with the money Merck and its employees has given to state campaigns across the country – nearly $5 million from 2000 to 2006, the year the FDA approved Gardasil. Florida candidates and political parties, says the Institute on Money in State Politics, got $256,000.
With the drug priced at $360 for a three-dose regimen, Merck stands to make billions off government forcing Gardasil on our children. All of us, even immigrants, should have the right to say, “Thanks, but no thanks.”
Rhonda Swan is an editorial writer for The Palm Beach Post. Her e-mail address is rhonda_swan@pbpost.com


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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Reporter Richard Engel just returned from Afghanistan. The Afghans are sick and tired of Americans, he said. When asked about all the humanitarian groups working there, Engel related being in a cafe in Kabul, when 3 Americans in white tennis gear with rackets walked in. Engel said this is typical, and it is almost like the old colonist days there, with all the UN, NATO, and NGO's not doing really very much work out in the field.

Retired general Jack Jacobs? was also there on CNN? , and was asked about the request for 40,000 more troops. He said, for what purpose, to accomplish what? You don't provide resources, until you know what you want to accomplish with them.

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Friday, October 02, 2009

posted on TCPalm letters to the editor: reality writes:
http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2009/may/2... says the U.S could be taking in $77 Billion instead of paying out $33 Billion, if we ended the Prohibition of Marijuana and taxed it as we do cigarettes and alcohol. "The Intelligent Designer" seems to have put the Cannabis family of plants all over the earth, and it has been useful to Man since he was created. George Washington grew it, and drank opium every day of his life too, but let's start with marijuana, and tax it to the max. Obama has previously said we could just go back to the tax exemptions allowed during the Reagan years to pay for health care reform. What should be mandatory, is that our govt., like the Canadian, British, Swedish, Italian, French, etc., govts, pay for health care for all its citizens, letting us hire health ins. companies to do it for us, or letting us choose to decide how to spend our govt. provided $$ ourselves. thank you


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