Saturday, August 12, 2006

In answer to Leonard Pitts willing to put up with any aggravation so as not to have the plane he's on,
blown out of the sky:
Our navy did that to an Iranian airliner. Did Cheney do that to Flight 93?
Have you read Jim Marrs' book, "Inside Job"? Norman Mineta witnessed Cheney
in the basement of the Pentagon on 9-11. Which is where an alarm goes off
when a plane's transponder stops, according to a William Thomas on p.62 of
that book. Have you ever investigated that, interviewed him?

NORAD has suddenly said "never mind", and come out of their how-many-billion-dollar-
hole in the ground? , but you don't tell us if they were supposed to do a mock attack on the WTC
on 9-11. You waste a column calling us questioners "whiners".

Collecting scrap metal made sense. Throwing away tons of perfectly good liquids, because
the "land of the free and the home of the brave" has been whipped into a total panic makes
no sense at all.

Notice they waited to see if Lieberman lost? Had to scare us again for the the November elections,
didn't they? Notice the Pakistani intelligence service? How many are our friends from 8 years
collaboration during "Charlie Wilson's War"- book of that name by George Crile.

Have you bought the "Loose Change, 2nd Edition" DVD, or watched it free on

John Stewart had an Arabic-looking man doing a spoof of Bush & Rice saying the current war
is an "opportunity". He pointed out the WTC 's coming down was an opportunity for them
to do what they wanted. The audience was totally silent. Has that not occured to you?

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Friday, August 11, 2006

To Chris Matthews, who asked Homeland Security, why, if they knew about the plot 2 weeks ago, they didn't alert us.

Were they were waiting to see if Lieberman won? What did Cheney say?

"...land of the free and home of the brave"?

And still you haven't watched

Tucker called them big jumbo jets yesterday. Look at that hole in the Pentagon,
and show it on TV. How did a jumbo jet get into that hole without breaking the
windows and touching the grass? You are playing all right, while all those people burned
to death, and you have the power to demand an investigation. How do you sleep at night?

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tucker Carlson had a minister on, who pointed out it is the government that has a "conspiracy theory" about 9-11.

This is what I wrote to Tucker afterward.

You make fun of the British press, and then you rush to Tom's Cruise's baby?

Why don't you try to find that guy in Morocco who says he's alive?

Is there a seismograph at Columbia University that registered 2.1 before each tower
came down?
Marvin Bush was head of security at the WTC, writes Jim Marrs in his book "Inside Job".
True or not? Investigate, Tucker. Our government gave LSD to one of its soldiers,
sprayed cadmium on a Catholic elementary school, and then there were the syphillis experiments.

Have you watched http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8260059923762628848
yet? How could a jumbo jet have gone thru that hole, without touching the grass, or
breaking the windows?

Your interviewee has it right. It is the government that has the "Conspiracy Theory".
All those people who died so terribly deserve an investigation, as at least as much of
your time as you give to Tom Cruise.

And Oliver Stone served in Vietnam, and George McGovern volunteered for WWII right after
Pearl Harbor, (unlike Bob Dole), and served honorably. Hearing about the "McGovern Wing"
and Stone's "Conspiracy theories" over and over, as if they were the chicken hawks and phonies,
is maddening.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Hezbollah is not a government, doesn't have to follow Geneva Convention rules or International law? In 1985, "the Israelis seemed to believe that if president (Reagan), allowed them to sell some of their U.S-supplied Hawk missiles (to the Ayatollah), it would ...(lead) to the beginning of a new strategic alliance that would prevent the Soviets from getting a foothold in Iran", p.441, Charlie Wilson's War, by George Crile. "The stated policy of the U.S was not to bargan with terrorists. Specifically, it was not to arm Iran...", p.442 of the same book. But Oliver North and the Israelis, specifically Manucher Ghorbanifar, sold those anti-tank missiles to Iran.
Were they the same kind of missiles today's PBP tells about Hezbollah now using on Israel? Ben Caspit in Sunday's Opinion section says "an enormous terrorist infrastructure has been established by Iran...". Didn't we build that infrastructure? $2 Billion to train and arm the Mujahideen for 8 years under Reagan, with matching funds from the Saudis, like a tower of Babel in weapons. And Afghans are known for their ability to reproduce even the most complicated kind of gun. Like the Stinger missiles we gave them? Now we keep decreeing plague after plague on Iran, not recognizing our resemblance to the Pharoah in the bible. We haven't talked to Iran since 1979, when they overthrew the dictator we forced upon them by hook and crook, in 1953? That Shah was in power 24 years, and our CIA was there. And speaking of infrastructure, blowing up people is terrible enough. Destroying bridges, airports, etc, is a terrible waste, and makes no sense.
Just learned from the History Channel that George Washington ordered 3 of his soldiers who led a walkout,
shot by a firing squad of their friends. The present head of the NSC, which also sent a man with Ollie, has said he doesn't want we the people, to know what he's doing until we see it on the History Channel. So we can claim "deniability" like the "good" Germans?

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Hap Erstein writes a review of Oliver Stone's movie in the Palm Beach Post:

"And there's not a conspiracy theory in sight", is like subtle propaganda, isn't it? Tell the big lie
over and over, and people will come to believe it. At least Will Jimeno got the fact in, that Oliver Stone
actually served in combat in Vietnam.

Have you seen the hole in the Pentagon on:

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8260059923762628848 It's also out on DVD,
"Loose Change, 2nd edition". I asked the library to buy it, after they bought Jim Marrs' book,
"Inside Job". Jimenez and McLoughlin mentioned their wives. 2 widows' questions are in the
book, and no one seems to give a darn about them. How often have you heard Ann Coulter's voice,
compared to theirs?

Today again in the Palm Beach Post is about the Pentagon lying. But on p.62 or so of Jim Marrs'
book, a William Thomas informs us there is a room in the Pentagon basement where an alarm goes off when
any plane's transponder goes off. He gives the example of Payne Stewart having an F-16 on the
wing tip in 20 minutes. And the tracking system shows immediately when a plane goes off course.
How could it be that none of that worked on 9-11?

No curiosity at all? Marrs also says the seismograph at Columbia University registered 2.1
before each tower went down. I've never seen any reporting on that. And building 7
came down as if it had been prepared to be "pulled"? That had to be done ahead of time.
SEC, CIA, etc. records; all lost, how convenient.
And Marivin Bush? So many words printed about Oliver. How many about the head of
security at the WTC?

I'm 64, and long ago read a travel book about Palm Beach, that said there were parties and
wild celebrating after JFK was shot. Any old-timers around you could ask about that?

And Jeb taking all the records from the flight schools out? The pilot who is supposed
to have done that incredible maneuver into the Pentagon, was the least trained, and most
scared. And who were the 3 young Saudis who left FL as soon as the airports were open,
without going thru all the humiliation we have to go thru when we fly?

P.S. Did you see the PBP article about NORAD? Loose Change says a mock
attack on the WTC was planned for 9-11.
So why weren't they ready to go up in the air, when the real
thing happened? 24 military facilities within eze flying distance of NY, and nothing gets in the air?

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

The "nation under God" needs to be more deceitful? Bring back the days of Henry Kissinger?
Wasn't he responsible for the "Killing Fields" happening? And September 11, 1973 in Chile?
He was in no hurry to end the 1973 War? It's as if he never left.

Why don't we try being honest? Talking to everyone; Jesus did. He ran away when they
chased him out of town, and came back for another try later. To use the power of His ideas.
Not us. We get mad, and we get even, and if we can do it secretly, or through surrogates,
we're justified, cause they want to do worse things to us.

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Kathleen Parker, PalmBeachPost,8-5-06, writes: "...Hezbollah forces Israel to return fire..."
Like if someone is holding a gun to your son's head, you are forced to shoot those around him,
because they should have taken the gun away?

God tested Abraham's faith, by getting him to agree to kill his son. Christians believe God let His Son be killed. So how can a person of either Faith be willing to kill innocent persons to try to save their sons?

Kathleen Parker is also questioning if it was staged. Qana, that is. The Israeli rockets
hit at midnight, and the building didn't come down till 7 or 8 am, she says. Possibly munitions
were inside the building, she says. What about the WTC towers? Did the seismographs at Columbia University register 2.1 before each building came down, as Jim Marrs asserts in his book, "Inside Job"?
Were there munitions inside them, with the planes being blamed?

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